TruNeed: Rent & Sell Nearby

A unique marketplace app that connects people who own items with people who want to rent items.


RENT ANYTHING – Anytime, Anywhere

Making and saving money just got easier.

Quick Bucks

Rent out your household goods to people locally and make some easy earnings.


Customizable and neatly designed, using TruNeed is as easy as it gets.

100% Secure

Features and policies to guarantee the security of your item and money.

Make money selling and lending

Save Money

Need an item only for a while? Don't buy; rent – and save your hard-earned money.

Geo Location Map

Find rental items nearest to where you are, instantly!

It's Free

TruNeed is not just easy and efficient, it's absolutely free!


Here are more amazing features that TruNeed provides.

Make money selling and lending
chat safely
check posts
browse nearby
Sell and lend


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John 69

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