TruNeed: Rent & Sell

An app to sell or rent items such as clothes, cars, rooms or anything nearby! Complete tasks and earn cash ♥


RENT, Sell and BUY Items Nearby

An easy way to rent anything from anyone nearby!

Earn Cash

Earn cash helping people nearby. Rent out items you're not using!


Post what you need and someone nearby will help you.

100% Secure

Features and policies to guarantee the security of your item and money.

Save Money

Need an item only for a little bit? Don't buy; just rent and save your hard-earned money.

Geo Location Map

Your rentals near me search ends here. Wherever you are, find rental items nearby - instantly!

It's Free

TruNeed is not just easy and efficient, it's absolutely free!

Asking for help just got easier

Here are more amazing features that TruNeed provides.

Make money selling and lending
chat safely
check posts
browse nearby
Sell and lend

“TruNeed is a great way to earn extra money quickly.”


“TruNeed helps me when I need help last minute!”


"It's a great app for college. You can ask anyone nearby for help. This is great for renting items on the go"


"A great app for traveling places and asking stranger for quick help!"



Items you can Rent:

Rent cars, rent laptops, rent out rooms, rent out chairs, rent tables, rent boats, rent items nearby. Rent suits on the go. Rent dresses on the go. Anything!

Rent Clothes App

Earn cash for renting out your clothes. Rent out clothes you never wear that are sitting in your closet. Don't waste your money. Earn more money!


Rent Near You

Don't just let your items sit around the house. Make use of every item and make money!

Great App For Traveling

This is a great app for traveling. Why? Because you can ask anyone near you for help, this helps especially if you don't know anybody. And you can earn extra money for traveling abroad.