What is TruNeed?

TruNeed is an app where you can post what you need in your location. Friends and others will see your post and can help you with your need. Rent or sell items instantly.

How can I get TruNeed?

TruNeed is available in IOS & Android.

How do I rent items?

1) Go to settings. Click Connect with Stripe, create a Stripe account and connect it with TruNeed app.

2) Make a iHave post or iNeed Post and enter the safety deposit value of the item being rented and for how may days and the cost of borrowing.

3) Message a User and click Pay when ready to Rent.

4) Check My Orders and release Security Deposit when item is Returned. 

So, how do I ensure that my rental items aren’t damaged or stolen?

There is a Security Deposit which is held with us. If one party does not return an item or is damaged. Lender can report to us and not click Return Item button to release the deposit. 


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