What is TruNeed?

TruNeed is an app where you can post what you need in your location. Friends and others will see your post and can help you with your need. TruNeed is also one of the first apps to not only buy and sell items, but you can rent items you need, or rent items to other people. Ever go to a neighbor where you don’t know anyone and need some quick or need something done for you? You can now post it on TruNeed.


How can I get TruNeed?

Currently TruNeed is only available for iOS devices. That means anyone with an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad can download and use TruNeed. We are currently working on our development for the Android market, so stay tuned!


Do I have to pay to use this app?

No! Our app is free to download and unlike other services apps there is no monthly subscription fee or anything else! The only thing you pay for is the goods and services that you want. If you want to rent a charger for $2.00 from someone then that is all you pay, no hidden fees or charges. Likewise if you are selling or renting out you don’t have any % of your money taken away!


How do I rent items?

Post what item you need on TruNeed. Someone near you will message you. There you can click the “pay button” and submit a security deposit of the item being rented in case you do not return the item. Once item return, Lender will press “Return Security Deposit” and your deposit will be return and you will be charged the agreed cost on borrowing the item.


So, how do I ensure that my rental items aren’t damaged or stolen?

This was a big issue that came up with our entire rental market, luckily for us many other niche markets solved it and we followed! Like AirBnB, Uber and similar apps we make sure everyone renting has a valid credit card on our secure servers through Stripe. What this means is that anyone renting out items can place an agreed upon “value” of the rented item. So if I want to rent out my charger for an hour I can place a value of $9 on the charger, to which the other person can either agree with or not. Thus $9 is placed in Stripe’s escrow system. If the item is stolen or damaged you can flag the customer and our amazing service team will take a look at what happened and resolve your problem!


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