How It Works

Earn cash by helping others nearby for completing small tasks.

A sell and rent app that allows you to earn cash helping those in need nearby! It’s as simple as 1 2 3


List your items for rent or for sell

Download app and create an account with us.

Browse items or services for rent nearby!

Rent items like chargers, laptops, phones, cars, bikes, helmets, sport equipment, boats etc.,

TruNeed is intended for last minute help.

Earn cash from items not in use in your home 🙂



When you've found what you need, you are required to agree to the rental details, terms and rates set by the owner and request for a reservation.

Alternatively, if you are an owner, you'll receive a notification when a user expresses his interest in the item(s) you have listed. We take care of the rental agreement and payment (which includes a security deposit).



After the purpose has been served, the renter returns the item, and the owner returns the security deposit. We, add another win-win deal to our list!

Rent items or sell items and services. Get help nearby!

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